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Haider Khan

I decided to develop an online portal in September, 2005, I worked on the idea for almost three months and later decided to find a right web developers to construct the web portal. It is very difficult to find the right kind of team to work together on long term basis as I knew development of my portal might take few months or a year so I did a lot research and finally through my most trusted resource and a dear friend I managed to share my idea with Mr. Imtiaz who is the CEO of

Timely Responses and Follow up

The key to business success and maintaining relationship is how good you are in your follow up and timely responses to your customer questions. I sent almost 10 queries asking for quote to known web developer in Pakistan and in Canada and only Mr. Imtiaz of Pak Cyber came back with detailed proposal in 24 hrs time the rest took weeks and some months. Mr. Imtiaz's quick response encourages me to consider his services and I tested his responses with some more questions and he responded within 24 hrs of my request.

Back up Support and on going development

When developing a portal it is important to consider quick back up support and on going development and that is back bone to any web business and I find PakCyber team is an efficient and reliable resource which gives you a peace of mind when you need their support day or night they are available. Mr. Imtiaz is good in keeping his promises and so as his team.

Portal and Web development Cost

There are lots of variations in terms of cost in the market to find quality web developers, I find some are very expensive and some are very cheap, being expensive does not always means or guarantee the quality of work and I find even though some of the developers are expensive but they failed to impress me with their business attitude and professionalism and with cheaper resources I find they are not fully equipped to provide long term services. That is the area where Pak cyber fits in very well, they have a very professional team as good as any high tech professional Company could have but at the same time they are very cost effective. There are some areas of opportunities in their graphic designing team that lacks advertising designing sense of International standards and I think they have improved a lot and that needs to carry on.

Total Satisfaction

I think it is very hard to find 100% satisfaction in any job or work you need or ask for, but to me I am fully satisfied with Pakcyber over all professionalism and my relationship with them. It is now coming to two years of ongoing relationship with PakCyber team and with all my confidence I always recommend their services to any one who ask me in Canada or else where. Keep up the excellent work PakCyber Team.

Haider Khan
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