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Virginia Deane Abernethy

I am pleased to write at length about the successful and pleasant experience that I have had – and continue having – in contracting with www.pakcyber.com to construct a web-site. All my expectations, requests and more were met. The results can be checked at www.virginiaabernethy.com -- the content being, of course, my sole responsibility.

The work ethic, dedication, faultless meeting of deadlines, and willingness to design the web-site structure according to my specifications was outstanding. On more than one occasion, my needs for the web-site were anticipated.

Through use of an Administrator panel, I find the web-site easy to input. Moreover, I was given much assistance in learning the technique.

Contracting with an overseas company has not been difficult. I dealt with Imtiaz, whose background at an U.S. university clears away potential misunderstandings and cultural differences. I found the payment mechanism to be easy to use and apparently secure. The time difference also presented no problem due to the ability to communicate through Instant Messaging service and email, as well as Imtiaz’ willingness to work after normal business hours.

In sum, I have no reservations about recommending www.pakcyber.com I would anticipate that your experience would be as satisfactory as mine continues to be.

Best regards,
Virginia Deane Abernethy
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